How Customer Loyalty Impacts Engagement

Lydia Adams February 13, 2018
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If your brand has an army of devoted clients, you know that customer loyalty is essential for driving business and growing your company. But did you know that loyalty can boost engagement, too? Find out how customer loyalty impacts engagement and learn how you can leverage the loyalty you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Increased Loyalty Leads to More Customer Engagement

New research shows that in many cases, customer loyalty and engagement form an ongoing cycle. As their loyalty increases, customers become more engaged with a brand, such as sharing social media posts, subscribing to an online newsletter, or taking advantage of e-commerce specials. As the brand continues to offer positive experiences, customer loyalty tends to increase.

Positive Social Engagement Can Prompt Greater Loyalty

While some engagement takes place in the background, such as when a happy customer signs up for your company’s email list or downloads your app, most social engagement is publicly visible, where your brand can use it to drive greater loyalty. For instance, positive online reviews from your most dedicated customers can both drive additional purchases and prompt loyalty from an entirely new set of customers.

The Most Loyal Customers Serve as Brand Ambassadors

Some brands develop networks of professional brand ambassadors, whom they sponsor in exchange for promotional efforts. However, many brands overlook the brand ambassadors on their customer lists. The most loyal customers are already likely to recommend their favorite companies’ products to friends and family, and with a little impetus, they may also be willing to share their love for your brand to a wider audience. With a carefully crafted VIP customer list or referral program, you can develop a community of loyal customers who double as enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

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