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Anthony Taylor August 20, 2021
How to set up a referral program

Customer referrals are beneficial to both your business and your customers. A successful referral program can build a loyal client base, increase traffic, and improve your business image. The problem for many businesses is that their referral programs are rarely successful, oftentimes, they can even be damaging. 

Many businesses do not have a plan in place to ensures that customers receive their promised incentives. It is crucial for businesses to have a referral program to guarantee that customers are rewarded for their efforts. 

Not following through with referral incentives will result in dissatisfied clients, fewer referrals, and damage your business image. The following information will explore why your business should have referral program. 

Referral Programs Improve Image and Increase Traffic

A successful referral program will make your business relevant, improve image, and public presence. This social proof creates a sense of familiarity for your brand. Potential customers will notice that people are referring you brand to others, and consequently they are likely to do the same.

Customers are more inclined to take suggestions from their friends.

When it comes to business suggestions, 83% of people trust the advice they receive from their family and friends.

This word-of-mouth form of advertisement increases your marketing scope easily and quickly.

It is wise to ask your regular customers, friends, and family to promote your brand. Referrals spread quickly through word of mouth, social circles, and internet presence, including social media.. 

Customers Feel Valued

how to set up a referral program

Referral programs provide customers with incentives, such as gifts, money, or a points system for referring new clients. This reminds the customer of why they have chosen to be a part of your client base and makes them feel valuable. 

Be sure that your incentive program rewards clients, accordingly, based on the number of referrals that they bring to the company. This is a way to make the customer feel that they referrals are beneficial and meaningful to your business. 

When customers feel like they are a meaningful part of your team, they are likely to remain loyal customers, thus improving your customer retention rate. 

For this reason, it is imperative that your business implements a successful referral program. 

Helps Identify Loyal Clients

What are some must haves in a referral program

Having a referral program in place helps businesses identify which customers are part of their loyal client base. This allows you to send special offers to clients who are bringing in the most referrals. Doing so makes loyal clients feel recognized, special, and rewarded for their efforts.

As a result of receiving these special offers, many loyal clients will further increase your site traffic through social media, reviews on your website, and other forms of internet presence. 

It is also wise to reward new clients who have been acquired through the referral program. This method of welcoming the new client can make them feel important.  

Referral Software Makes It Super Easy

how to choose the right referral program

Perxi keeps track of all your customer’s referral and rewards them. They have created an enhanced all-in -one application that is practical and easy to navigate. Creating an account with Perxi gives businesses the ability to create their own referral program that is simple to navigate and handles all of your referral needs.

Referral programs uncomplicate the referral management process, require less time and effort, and ensure that your customers are rewarded accordingly. 

Additional Benefits of Perxi Referral Software

Other benefits of Perxi’s application include:

·      Templates that are unique to your business needs. 

·      Ability to easily set up information in minutes,.

·      Easy to navigate customization options

·      Customizable rewards for you brand

·      Set up a program with incentives as your see fit, including money, gifts, or create a points system.

You can even build a custom package that automatically send rewards to customers when they meet the referral criteria. This mean no customer will be forgotten and your brands in integrity will remain intact.

Let Perxi Manage Your Referral Program

What is the best referral program

Perxi understands how difficult it can be to properly manage all aspects of the business. It is hard to keep track of client referrals and follow through with promised incentives. You must have a program in place to manage these referrals. 

Let Perxi help you develop a referral program management plan. Doing so will result in improved customer feedback, reviews, and more referrals through your positive social and web presence. These things are vital to the future of your business. 

Contact Perxi today to learn more about their referral project managements programs that can help guarantee the success of your business. 

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