Quick Setup

Our drag and drop designer will help you get your referral program set up in just minutes all without programming experience.

You can easily select and customize the information you’ll need to make your program a success. Templates are available for common form fields that can be adjusted based on your needs.

Customized rewards, notifications, and branding for your program

  • Name your own program and set up your rewards however you’d like them configured.
  • Adjust your program information as needed in case changes are necessary down the line.
  • Send your customers checks, gift cards, prizes, or have them accumulate points.

Automated rewards process

  • Automatically send out a check, gift card, coupon, or award points to a recipient with our Custom Build package to make managing your referral program even easier!

Social sharing integration

  • Social sharing features are natively integrated through the user end.
  • You can even reward members for having their friends or family join with their custom referral links.


Want to make your program competitive?

Enable the leaderboard feature to track how many referrals each of your members have and watch the race to the top!

Do you know the best way to keep getting referrals? Perxi.

Our software was designed to be easy for you to manage and fun for your customers to use. Keep your customers engaged with a referral program that rewards them for sending their friends and family your way.

Questions? We’d Love to Help!

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