About Us

Perxi is powered by the team behind Exults- a digital marketing agency. We believe the future lies in software and its ability to make life easier in all capacities.

Initially developed in 2015, our goal with this project was to build a light, single-purpose solution for your customers that is measurable. Since then, Perxi has grown to serve as a secondary lead source for businesses of all kinds.

The reasoning of how Perxi came to be is simple. All businesses love getting referrals, but they can be really hard to keep track of without a process in place. Many businesses offer cash or rewards for referrals, but find it difficult to follow through- creating a customer service issue and almost guaranteeing that customer will never refer someone again.

Perxi establishes a system with minimal steps and creates an effective workflow. This all helps businesses handle referrals and make sure they are addressed in a timely manner.

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