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Anthony Taylor May 5, 2021
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A CRM system is a Customer Relation Management system that is applied across business models and industries to improve your business’s bottom line and solve various other business problems. When utilized correctly, it can become one of the greatest assets available to a company and result in a boost in sales and overall productivity.

For those companies looking for ways to improve efficiency and other business functions, a CRM could be the answer. Here the experts at Perxi share some of the more common problems businesses face that can be addressed with CRM.

Information is Power

What business problems can be solved with an automated CRM system

While this may seem self-explanatory and downright obvious to most, some companies still struggle with this aspect of their business. One of the biggest business problems is dealing with unorganized data systems. When information is stored in a haphazard way, is hard to access and manage, it becomes bothersome for employees to use.

Rather than having to look through dozens of documents, spreadsheets, and charts to find the information needed a CRM solution centralizes everything and stores all client information in a single location. 

Workflow Efficiency

what tasks and business problems can a CRM system automate

By adopting a centralized CRM system, it helps to standardize tasks and assignments thereby improving workflow and office efficiency. When employees are confident in the system they use and aware of the information they need to enter in order to complete certain tasks, there is less confusion and improved productivity. Things always run smoother when expectations are well-known, and tasks are outlined thoroughly.

Customer Service

Which CRM systems provide customer service solutions

Businesses can struggle with providing customer service without solid service-oriented tools to utilize. Many CRM solutions provide those functionalities which include phone and messaging systems, customer ticketing processes, conversational bots to answer routine questions, and customer management.

Most CRM solutions can be customized to the extent that it orients the most widely used components of the business in an easy-to-find and intuitive manner to streamline processes regarding customer service.

Forecast Models

What kind of business problems can a CRM help me with

One of the most important aspects about having a centralized data system is the ability to glean valuable information from it with regard to predicting trends within your business.

A CRM is able to analyze past data with regard to sales revenue, costs, and customer modeling to predict potential sales in the coming quarter or the coming year. It can also help business managers to adapt to those business trends by staying ahead of the curve.


How can CRM help with my business problems

Most business have suffered from a lower productivity due to closing offices with the Covid restrictions. Working from home becomes much easier with a centralized CRM solution.

All that is needed is an Internet connection and they can have access to all reports, documents, charts, and records while out on the road on a business trip or in the comfort of their living room. Most CRM solutions offer mobile device connectivity too. There is also the option of having GPS enabled on any connected mobile device. 

Customer Communication

Business Problems a CRM Can Solve customer communication person on the phone texting

Most businesses live and die by their customers which is why customer communication is so vital to the success of many businesses. When call logs and customer interactions are written on post-its and scrawled in handwritten messages, it makes it infinitely more difficult to keep up with customer needs and demands.

By using a CRM, employees can easily look through a customer’s interactions with the company, purchases made, and orders on hand with just the click of a mouse or the swipe of a screen solving one of the biggest business problems. There is also an option of interacting with customers via social media outlets.

Sales and Marketing Collaboration

business problems that can be solved with CRM

When divisions within a company work independently of one another communication will typically break down. When this happens, efficiency and productivity suffer. With a centralized system, it is easy to encourage and promote inter-communication between sales and marketing teams. They work hand in hand together to generate interest and land the sale so they should have excellent communication.


What business problems can be solved with CRM

When generating reports with a decentralized data system it is nearly impossible to offer unified and accurate reports. By keeping everything centralized in a single location, report generation is easier than ever. It also means that the data is correct and accurate because of the standards set forth by the information gathered.

It is clear to see that CRM systems can easily help streamline processes, improve customer relations, and help company efficiency. In today’s digital age it has never been more important to gather data in meaningful ways to better the company’s bottom line and solve business problems.

Need Help Finding a CRM to Help Solve Your Business Problems? 

Perxi can help with CRM systems designed to help solve business problems and keep customers engaged. Call today and discover all the benefits and solutions a CRM system can offer your business! 

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