Customer Experience Measurement: What is it and How Can it Help My Business?

Anthony Taylor December 8, 2020

In these challenging times, customer experience measurement has to be a top priority for your business.

Of course, you may find yourself wondering what exactly is customer experience measurement and how can it help with business success?

You may also be asking, if it is so crucial to business, how do I implement it successfully?

Well, the team at Perxi is here to help, so let’s begin with by defining customer experience measurement:

Customer Experience Management Defined

Think first about your own experiences as a customer. Try and remember the last time your customer experience with one of your favorite brands was incredible, met all your expectations, or even went above and beyond. It was a great experience right?

In essence, you already know the basis of customer experience measurement, the measurement of a customer’s experience in every step of the customer journey at every customer action and touch point. Why measure the customer experience? Because by providing an exceptional customer experience, you not only enhance customer loyalty, but also stay competitive in your industry.

For these reasons and many more, you can easily see why customer experience measurement is so important to your business. The problem is, while you can activate customer satisfaction surveys, it would be difficult and time-consuming for your customers to have them answer questions regarding every aspect of their customer journey. So, just how do you measure your customer’s experience and make your business more customer-centric and successful? 

Taking a Measurement of Your Customer’s Experience

For any business, regardless of the industry, knowing the customer is the ultimate key to success. When you know your customers, you understand their needs, which allows you to meet those needs. 

As mentioned, given the challenges of the current climate, the ability to measure your customer’s experience is a necessity. The measurement process requires the capability of collecting data and analyzing it effectively to gain a clear perception of your customers and to keep them as satisfied, loyal customers. Measuring your customer’s experiences allows you access to the information needed to continually improve your company’s customer service, meet customer expectations, and enhance the experience of your customers. 

From the measurement of customer experience you can develop your own customer experience strategy. With a customer experience strategy in place, you can determine not only customer service performance, but also how successfully key performance indicators are being met as a result of your efforts. 

Does Customer Satisfaction Equal A Good Customer Experience?

While customer satisfaction is part of a good customer experience, it is not the entire measure of a positive customer experience. In order to measure the customer experience, you have to analyze every aspect of the customer journey, start to finish. 

It can’t be stated enough, knowing your customer is the key to business success. You have already done research on your target audience, using the information gleaned to reach out to them in targeted marketing, but there is more. The better you know your customers, the more successful you will be in engaging them and offering them the products or services they want all wrapped up in a positive experience. This means understanding their needs as well as expectations and your customer experience strategy can do just that!

Developing Your Customer Experience Strategy

Knowing your target customers is the first step, but to measure customer experience and create a solid customer experience strategy, you need to map out the customer journey in your organization. From your customer’s unique point of view, determine the significant touchpoints as well as ways to identify best practices at each one. The goal is to ensure that each touchpoint enhances your customer’s experience. 

With touchpoints mapped out, you can then approach your customer’s touchpoints as opportunities for improvement in their overall customer experience. As your business evolves and your customer base grows, improving touch points will be ongoing in the growth of your business. 

The final step in the process is determining the customer experience metrics you need to measure and analyze going forward. The customer experience strategy developed should be regularly re-examined for performance and then improved upon as needed to keep your customer experience measurement high and the customer experience satisfying for your customers. In doing so, you will develop relationships which lead to loyal customers and business success.

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