Tactics to Keep Loyal Customers Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Anthony Taylor May 1, 2020
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Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, your reward program can help you continue to build customer loyalty. For many, business is down, but that doesn’t mean you must lose your loyal customers. Instead, use your reward program to keep your loyal customers coming back, again and again.

Think about it for a minute, even amid the coronavirus outbreak, some of the busiest businesses aren’t those operated by giant conglomerates, but rather smaller operations with solid loyalty programs which reward their customers. A great reward program can set you apart from your competition, even during these challenging times and here’s how!

Reward Programs Benefit Small Business

Reward programs come in a variety of forms, but in all cases they reward loyal customers with advantages for participating in the program and patronizing the business. The rewards may be in the from of discounts, points accumulated for free merchandise or services, or member-only specials. Others provide priority appointments, no waiting in line, or other convenience-based incentives. The best reward is one that complements your business. The reward program you choose will be unique to your brand, but all reward programs promise these basic advantages.

  1. Freebies – Most loyalty programs are designed to reward customers, with increasing value the more frequently they shop. The reward program means an incentive to choose your business over the competition because of the potential for reward. Your business will have to invest in the program, while developing bonuses for customers that result in more profit, additional revenue, and enhanced brand loyalty. For a pizza joint, coffee shop, or ice cream store it might mean a free pizza after the purchase of ten, a free coffee after the purchase of five, or a free cone after nine visits. For a salon or barber shop, it could be a discount or priority scheduling for reward members after the pandemic. The goal is more repeat business and the more freebies you offer, the more likely your customers are to become loyal patrons.
  2. Rewards for joining – Reward programs should also offer the customer a special value for joining the program. It should be sufficient to keep them engaged and coming back for more. Regardless of the simplicity (like a punch card or a card swipe at each visit) or complex (like creating your own downloadable mobile app) there are business advantages for having a reward program. The truth is it costs your business less to keep loyal customers coming back than it does to get new customers through your door or to your website.  
  3. Engage with customers – Retention is simply less expensive, and amid the coronavirus outbreak, a good reward program is a budget friendly way to use your marketing funds and promote your business. Plus, loyal customers tell their friends, family, and coworkers about their favorite businesses, which means your company can benefit from word-of-mouth referrals online and offline. You might even want to consider an incentive for your current reward members when they refer new members. When you engage your customers through a loyalty reward program, you can communicate with them on a regular basis via email, text, and more. The result – they often spend more than they would have otherwise when they visit your store or your site.  

Ultimately, your reward program should be designed to build customer loyalty for your brand. The benefits of your reward program include enhanced communication, increased sales, and even free word-of-mouth marketing for your company. Your reward program, even when it starts simply, should have the ability to grow and expand as your business grows, continuing to work for you, even in trying times like those small businesses are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its shelter in place orders.

Improve Your Tactics, Keep Your Loyal Customers

So, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, how can you improve your reward program and keep your loyal customers coming back when this is all over? There are lots of ways to increase the value of your reward programs including these options:

  1. Limited time giveaways
  2. Free gifts with delivery orders,
  3. Special in store gift when the stay-at-home orders end
  4. No obligation free trials
  5. BOGO (buy one get one) offers or other free offers
  6. Free upgrades with purchase
  7. Birthday incentives and so much more.

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