Show Your Customers You Appreciate Them This Year by Implementing a Rewards Program in 2019

Anthony Taylor January 15, 2019
Rewards Program

Are you looking for a way to show your customers just how much you appreciate them? After all, it’s not just new prospects your business is interested in – loyal customers bring in 7 times more business than one-off sales!

So, how do you show your client base what they mean to you? The answer is a customer rewards program. Keep reading for the top reasons you need a rewards program in 2019.

Retain More Customers

First off, giving your customers an incentive to stay with your business will encourage them to do just that – stay! After all, once you find a company whose quality you love, why wouldn’t you stick with them, especially if it means free stuff?

The purpose of loyalty programs is to thank your customers for their business, but the company-client trust it generates is vital. If your consumers trust you, they’ll keep coming back, through the hard times and the good.

Increase Customer Spend

Say your rewards program is points-based. Each time your customer shops at your store, they’ll earn a certain number of points. The reward at the end of that points tier motivates them to spend more with you as a result.

And if you offer customers X-amount off a certain spend, they’ll up the value of items in their cart to reach that threshold.

Hone in on Your Most Profitable Products

One-off sales tell you what’s hot in your store right now, but repeat customers will help you see future growth. Rather than buying from you because you’re the cheapest, loyal consumers keep coming back, revealing shopping and product patterns.

Keep a close eye on those patterns, and use them in your marketing strategy, or even build them into your rewards program.

Boost Your Trending on Social Media

There’s a reason 88% of companies in the US have at least 1 social media account. Social media shares and ads have exploded onto the digital scene and are taking the marketing world by storm.

To get in on the action, you need your social media game to be strong. A customer rewards program will boost your popularity with your current clientele. If they love you, they’ll spread and share your posts across the internet, no questions asked.

Gain More Customers Anyway

In this article, our specific focus has been on customer retention and keeping your current customers happy. In the circle of marketing life, though, rewarding your clients won’t just stop there.

The importance of customer loyalty deserves a reward. The goodwill that comes from those rewards is epic. Your word-of-mouth sales will go through the roof, so you’ll attract more customers without even trying.

A Rewards Program Equals Happy Customers

A rewards program is the perfect way to show your loyal customers some love in 2019, and there are heaps of other benefits that come along with a rewards program, too. Not only will you keep hold of the customers you have, but you’ll also gain new ones.

Your customers will end up spending more with you, and as they do, you’ll have access to more data on which products are making the most dough.

All that sound good to you? Contact us to find out how to take your rewards program to the next level.

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