Best Referral Program Ideas for Home Service Companies to Reward Customers

Anthony Taylor August 23, 2019
Referral Programs and Reward Customers

Referral programs with rewards are popular with consumers and help businesses grow through word of mouth advertising. Customers enjoy the idea of a reward for their loyal patronage and their referrals, while home service companies can use rewards to keep their customers loyal and their business successful. The best referral programs are multi-faceted and should be designed with a unique approach to your customers. Referral programs should offer a targeted promotion to your customers, with incentives that make sense for your customers and build strong advocates for your company.

Keeping Your Message Unique

As a home service provider, your services set you apart and your referral program message should uniquely fit your business. With your personal brand message, you can design your program to showcase your business while targeting your desired audience effectively. This approach works whether you are offering rewards for referring a friend to the company, seeking influencers or partners to promote your business, or simply an overall ongoing referral rewards program for your business.

Incentivized Referral Programs

Your services are exceptional, and your regular customers appreciate your efforts, but getting them to tell others may require a little added incentive. Your present customers are more likely to share when rewards are a part of your referral program.

For your referral program to work, you must promote your program to your usual customers. Begin with a catchy tagline to pique your customers’ curiosity. Once you have their attention, the benefits of joining the referral program need to be clear – exactly how will they earn rewards and will the friends they refer benefit too.

Consider changing the reward referral program’s promo throughout the year with holiday and special occasion themes. As you showcase your promotion online, keep the imagery and the message simple and relevant in your storefront, and anywhere your loyal customers can see it. If you aren’t sure where to start, offering a customer appreciation thank you promotion is a great place to begin.

Referral Program Reward Ideas

As you plan your referral program with incentives, remember your ‘rewards’ should always fit your customers’ and company’s needs. As a home service company, consider how often your customers return and work forward from there to create the ideal referral program rewards (discounts, related purchases, or service agreements, etc.). Keep in mind, you need to choose incentives that give value to your current customers and potential referrals.

Other great ideas for rewards that customers appreciate include:

  1. Donations to a local charity for the good of the community
  2. A reward which benefits both the ‘referrer’ and the ‘referee’
  3. Tiered incentives, in which every referral they make increases the incentive they earn

Some companies have found higher incentives on the first referral works best for them. Once your customers are on board, be sure to reward those who go out of their way to refer others to you with a special ‘above and beyond’ incentive.

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