Effective Referral Program Incentive Ideas

Anthony Taylor September 19, 2019
Referral Program Incentives

Referral programs with the right incentives often build happy and loyal consumers. Plus, they help businesses gain new customers and grow successfully. Knowing that, when you consider the number of referral programs available today, do you see a pattern emerge? Is the pattern you see a successful one? In other words, is the referral program effective? Let’s explore the qualities of effective referral programs that increase business for the company they represent.

The Benefits of Referral Program Incentives

  1. Quality One – A Promotion Focused on Your Audience – Your referral program must be tailored to speak and garner the attention of your unique target audience.
  2. Quality Two –Incentives Which Fit Your Audience – The incentives you offer should be incentives your current customers will appreciate
  3. Quality Three – Strong Advocates – To run a successful referral program, you must start with strong advocates for your brand which can mean influencers, select customers, ambassadors, and partners.

Even when you have exceptional products and outstanding service, and your customers adore you and your employees, how can you get them to share your business with their family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues? Incentives can be the answer that promotes sharing, enticing your customers to let others know why they choose to do business with you. Also, choosing incentives your current customers will appreciate encourages them even more!

Given the fact that word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective revenue drivers in any industry, it is one of the most difficult to measure. And though you can’t control what people buy, you can encourage increased sales when you offer referral program incentives and create your own group of advocates for your business.

Referral Program Incentive Ideas to Get You Started

Start with a simple and catchy headline designed to easily capture the attention of your customers and draw them in to find out more. Doing so will help you create a buzz. It works in a way similar to news headlines. Grab your customers’ attention and then tell them the benefits of sharing your company with others. Remember as you create your headline, dollar signs and numbers are incredible attention getters!

Holidays garner a lot of attention, so why not use holidays throughout the year to promote your referral program with a little added incentive. Don’t feel you need to stick to the big holidays of the year, there is a special day set aside for nearly everything from dogs to friends to pizza to ice cream, so if one of these holidays aligns with your business, use it to promote your program.

Having a dedicated landing page for your referral program is key but keep it simple. Don’t crowd the page and make everything user-friendly and easy to read and understand. Create an FAQ section to cover all your facts – it allows customers to find the answers to their specific questions easily with a simple click. Most importantly, make sure the when and how of your program rewards is clear!

Use images and your unique style to capture the attention of your customers. Showcase your incentives and keep your customers interested. You may even want to change up the incentive rewards regularly to keep your customers sharing with potential new customers.

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The best referral programs are those which capture the attention of your audience and encourage continued sharing and participation. Are you ready to begin? Perxi can help. Contact us today to get started.

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